Our 2 Russian Blue kittens, brothers aged 8 months old, stayed with Amberlodge for 10 days in June and it was the first time they had been in a cattery. Russian Blues are innately very shy until they get to know you which can take some time.  Linda very kindly sent us pictures and a video via WhatsApp which assured us that our boys had soon become relaxed around her and happily settled into their temporary home.

The key ingredient to what makes Amberlodge a standout cattery is that Linda cares, this is obvious from the way that Linda spoke and interacted with our boys which showed us that she just loves cats.  Linda went that extra mile to ensure that had a relaxing and fun stay by lending them some toys.

The pens at Amberlodge are spotlessly clean and designed with cat comfort in mind.  We would definitely recommend Amberlodge to anyone and everyone.  We have already booked our boys into Amberlodge when we go away in July and again in September.  Thank you, Linda, for accommodating our request to pick up our boys from the place they are staying for the first couple of days of our holiday otherwise without your help we would not have been able to go away for our wedding anniversary.