Our cat Thomas is a gent of a certain age and definitely loves his home comforts and that is exactly what Linda provides!

As soon as he comes out of his carrier, tail held high, he says hello to Linda, sniffs everywhere and promptly jumps to the top platform of his scratching post before rolling around like a kitten.

I truly cannot thank Linda enough, Amberlodge means we can really enjoy our holiday without any worries.  It is clean, spacious and Linda takes as much care of our mini panther as we do.  We were once late booking and had to take Thomascat somewhere else – I won’t mention where but it was a shocking experience, never ever again. We now book the next holiday with Linda when we collect Tom from the last one.

I will be honest, I am hard-pressed to work out who loves her more, Thomas cat or my 11-year-old son Ollie!  Thanks, Linda, you are a diamond!

Kerry and Ollie, owner of Thomascat