Why Choose Amberlodge Over Others?

Linda Hewett – Owner

The proud owner of 7 cats and 1 stray (who is gradually getting his paw in the door!), Amberlodge owner, Linda, has always loved animals. Before opening Amberlodge Boarding Cattery, Linda owned dogs, and her passion for them led her at one point to train as a dog groomer.

The one thing you can be sure of with Linda is that her passion for animals inspires her daily life. So when she first became a cat owner herself, owning a cattery was not far from her mind, and in 1999, Amberlodge was founded.

Linda runs and operates her Cattery on a day to day basis and when able, volunteers for a cat rescue society and has previously fostered cats and Mums and kittens, which makes her particularly aware of the importance of keeping the cats in her care stress-free.

A stress-free cat means a stress-free owner and Linda knows how critical it is for owners to be able to leave their cats in her care and not worry while away from their feline family members.

Amberlodge Boarding Cattery About Us

Located In North Greenford, Middlesex

The Holiday ‘Cat Camp’ Covering Greenford, Harrow, Wembley,

Ealing & Most Of West London


Amberlodge is a licensed boarding establishment conforming to CIEH standards with annual inspections ensuring compliance. Licensed by the London Borough of Ealing (License Number 19LIC13675ABE).


There are two catteries within the serene gardens, one outdoor and one indoor. Both provide a calm and tranquil environment for our cat guests and most importantly are in a very secure area.


Amberlodge Boarding Cattery and surroundings are very peaceful, with no barking dogs or noisy children.

Each cat has its own very spacious accommodation, with scratch posts and lounging platforms, and are provided with super large litter trays as cats do love plenty of room to scratch around when using the toilet facilities.

Each of our accommodation units has been designed to be flexible to open up in size when required, to double or even treble in size which means we can accommodate a larger cat family when boarding with us.

Our cat guests are not allowed to come into contact with the other cats, although they will be aware of them being next door to each other.

After many years of experience with cats, we have found that they mainly like to be left to their own devices preferring to be stroked rather than picked up.

We are happy to send texts, photos and videos via WhatsApp to keep you updated and worry-free.


Their diet while here will be as instructed by you although if they are not eating well in the first few days, then we will offer them tuna, chicken, prawns or whatever it takes.

Please let us know if your cat would like extras such as cat milk, cat soup etc. We are fortunate to have a Pets at Home store just a 2-minute drive away, selling almost everything a cat could wish for.

Treats such as Dreamies etc. are included as standard.

Please ensure that you transport your cat in a very safe cat carrier lined with puppy pads, newspaper or a towel in case of accidents during transit.


We continuously monitor our prices to remain competitive and offer value for money.


Designed With Comfort, Security & Well-Being In Mind

Both the indoor and outdoor catteries provide luxury double rooms, with heating for the cooler and colder months. In the warmer months, to keep our cat guests nice and chilled we provide cooling mats. Each guest room is large enough to accommodate your cat’s toys and own bed if required. To check if your required dates are available, use the button below.

PLEASE NOTE: Amberlodge’s minimum charge is ONE WEEK throughout the year other than the months of July, August and the Christmas period where there is a minimum charge of 2-weeks.
All days have to be paid for even if your cat(s) are collected earlier than your booked dates.


Amberlodge has a flexible arrangement when it comes to dropping off and collecting your cats from Monday to Saturday. However, this is by appointment only.
Please be aware that we are closed Sundays, so dropping off and collecting your cat(s) is by special arrangement only and will incur a £20 surcharge.


Price Per Day Which Includes Day Of Arrival & Departure
Price for 1 cat at Amberlodge Boarding cattery
Price For 2 Cats At Amberlodge Boarding Cattery
Price For 3 Cats At Amberlodge Boarding cattery


Use the button below to download a booking form for completion. PLEASE NOTE: Do not download or complete a booking form UNTIL you have received email confirmation that we can accommodate your cat(s) during the dates you require. Use any of the ‘CHECK AVAILABILITY’ buttons on this webpage to make the enquiry first and once confirmation is received return to this website and download the Booking Form.


Amberlodge Boarding Cattery is located just 5 minutes drive from the Greenford roundabout junction of the A40. Twenty minutes drive from Heathrow on the M25/A40 and 15 minutes drive from Ealing, Wembley and Harrow.


39 Sherwood Avenue,

Greenford, UB6 0PG


(+44) 0208 4228977
(+44) 07748 902221