Amberlodge Boarding Cattery - Luxury Heated Outdoor Cattery

Treats such as dreamies etc are included as standard. Please let me know if your cat would like extras such as cat milk, cat soup, lick e lix etc. I am fortunate to have a Pets at Home Store just a 2 minute drive away and they sell almost everything a cat could wish for.  I provide super large litter trays as cats do love plenty of room to scratch around whilst using the toilet facilities. Please do bring your cats brush and providing they are happy to be groomed then I will do so. After many years of experience with cats I have found they do like to be left to their own devices and do not like to be handled too much preferring to be stroked. Their diet whilst here will be as instructed although if they are not eating well, which sometimes happens in the first day or two, please let me know if I can give them fresh chicken, prawns or tuna to tempt them. My cattery and surroundings are very tranquil and peaceful with only the sound of birds to be heard. Please also make sure that on the journey here you put lining in the bottom of your cat carrier and that it is very safe and secure. Newspaper and puppy pads are ideal. Occasionally a cat may go to the toilet en route and if there is nothing in the bottom to absorb it then the  cat gets into a mess, recently this happened with a new client and the poor cat had to be bathed on arrival so better to be prepared. If you are considering purchasing a new cat carrier may I suggest a top opening one, so much easier to pop a cat in and not too expensive on ebay. 
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